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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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go to our gretawire poll and tell me. good night thanks for watching. bill o'reilly if he is still talking to me, he is next. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> would you send a soldier into iraq without the proper equipment to keep them safe? we need to consider our health as what we consider -- >> -- anger growing throughout the american medical community after a dallas nurse is stricken with ebola. tonight, for her to say it and the turks to deny it is a huge embarrassment. the economists think that an amateur would make. >> national security advisor susan rice once again in trouble. saying the turkish government was helping in the fight against isis. but apparently not yet.
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charles krauthammer with the latest. >> i just want to say how grateful michelle and i am for all the families, all the communities who have welcomed us and have in some cases worked so hard to. also tonight the obama administration refuses to release the cause of all those fundraising trips by the president. is that illegal? is it legal will tell us.xmñu caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the latest on the ebola debacle. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. all over the country, americans are worried about the ebola virus. the danger is clear but somewhat exaggerated. there is no threat of an ebola epidemic in the u.s.a. right now.
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but what is not exaggerated is the dishonesty of the federal government. last night we called for the head of the centers for disease control, dr. thomas frieden to resign because he has been misleading thejilñ folks. not telling us the full story about how ebola is spreading. about how it can be contained. the biggest fabrication the doctor is putting out there is that stopping west africans from coming to the u.s.a. would somehow diminish the world's ability to fight ebola in africa. as we said last night that'súj flat out false. can you read that talking points memo on bill o' tonight, a brand new abc news, "the washington post" poll tells the story. question: in dealing with ebola outbreak would you support or oppose restricting entry to the united states by people who have been in affected areas? a whopping 67% support. 29% oppose. 4% are clueless. also, do you think the u.s.a. is doing all it reasonably can to try to prevent further cases of ebola in the united states or do you think ita. should do
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more? '3% doing all it can. 64% should do more. that scientific poll mirrors our bill o' poll. do you believe the federal government is doing enough to protect americans from ebola? just 3% say the government is doing enough. 97% say it is not. as the death toll continues to mount, people all over the world are getting more concerned. the world health organization estimates that h up to 10,000 new ebola cases a week in africa could happen within the next few months. here in the u.s., a 26-year-old dallas nurse, nina pham, who contracted the disease from the liberian, thomas duncan, who came to the u.s.a. and died has now received the blood transfusion from an ebola survivor. and in omaha, nebraska pukco continues to fight for his life after contracting ebola while working for nbc news.
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no doubt should be trying to stop the epidemic in west africa. that will be a lengthy process. preventing west african-americans from entering the u.s.a. could happen today. passports and visas denied. but the obama administration cdc continues to put out false information. therefore, the concern in america continues to grow. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction beings with us here in new york dr. amesh disease specialist. already all right, dr. many, you also, great minds think alike, call form%b dr. frieden to resign. why? everything that's been happening with this ebola outbreak and the way that the cdc has been handling. dr. frieden said that this was a problem in west africa put all the resources, cdc and the web site said august 6th in two or three
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months have things under control. quote: well, it's two or three months later. we don't have everything under control. we have patients coming over here. we have people coming through the border. one case in dallas has created chaos. is he criticizing protocols. what protocols. it's his protocols now that is he going to revise one more time. we are not equipped to handle ebola patients in general. you feel his stewardship has failed? >> completely. >> reason i'm down on dr. frieden is he continues to put out the myth that stopping west africans from coming in here to the united states is somehow going to diminish fight the disease in africa. that's false. we can charter people in that's the way they should go anyway watch them closely when they come back out. it's not going to have any effect at all on resources
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going into west africa. but he continues to say it will. it's just not true i understand the point you are making and what dr. frieden's point is it's not just that point that's at play here. something called the international relts regulations a treaty the bush administration signed that bines countries together legally to fight outbreaks. as part of that treaty. you were not allowed to enact travel bans. they have been used in every historical outbreak that's been brought up, every historical outbreak we can think of. disease containable if you do the the proper things to stop it. >> what is the downside of stopping the west africans from coming here with a 21 day dormancy? that's how the guy who died in dallas got in and now we have the poor nurse who is infected. see, look, you saw the polls. americans just doesn't want them. they don't see a compelling reason to admit people from this area right now. i agree 100%. and you and frieden are saying, no, you are wrong
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o'reilly. you are wrong 68% of america. and we are not wrong. this is a public health39' problem. >> you are absolutely wrong in one thing much the federal government has the right to stop anybody coming to this country if they feel that it can have infectious control problem. that is the rule of the land. the problem with west africa don't have control of the(#v there. ' so, therefore, it is important to say, you know what? we can't allow people to leave west africa and come to america deal with the problems there if you have hospitals. >> we don't want to do hypotheticals. >> point out the fact. >> air france and british airways. >> they stop. >> they stop. okay, now, here is the other problem, you know this guy in nebraska, the nbc freelance cameraman, right? he is being treated for ebola. he may die. is he tweeting today so we
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hope he gets better. we don't know still how he contracted the disease. and theç0 cdc won't tell us. >> my understanding is that he was involved in cleaning out a car ebola patient there is no force on the there is ebola person dying in them. nobody noe one does that i have covered foreign news. i have been all over the world. no one does that that story is false. >> the science behind how the ebola virus transmits. >> that's fine. we should know how mr. mukpo contracted it and it's frieden's obligation to tell the people of the united states that and he refuses to do it. >> i agree that we need to know how every patient gets infected just like we need to know. >> so why don't we know how this patient, mutpo got infected then? why it's been three weeks. >> i'm sure there are people who know it his personal health information that's private. >> this is a guy who goes out every day, not on the factor because he is afraid, okay, and spews his b.s. and
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he won't tell us. last word, doctor. >> listen, we need a patton dealing with the general. james cumg from the defense department. things like that. we need a hands on cdc director not another bureaucrat. >> thank you for the debate. we appreciate it very much. next on the rundown, monica crowley and. what they would do to fight ebola. there is deceit on the part of goodnight. goodnight. for those kept awake by pain the night is anything but good. introducing new aleve pm. the first one with a safe sleep aid. plus the 12 hour strength of aleve for pain relief that can last until the am. now you can have a good night and a... good morning!
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...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. tipping now with lead story how to combat the ebola virus in u.s. where am i going wrong here, powers? feels -- i'm not going to call you hysterical but border are areot -- bordering
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on hysterical. we have a different system in the united states than what you have in lie beer overblown even the way you are talking about it is overblown. >> you have to be more specific. where am i going wrong. >> the idea that we need to be shutting down flights and just absolutely be hysterical that we are going to have some ebola epidemic in the united states when you know perfectly well that the reason that it spread so much in liberia is because of the way the bodies are handled, because people are doing things wouldn't be done in the united states. >> when the guy lied to get in the country he got in here and infected the poor nurse maybe you missed that. >> two people, bill. two people. >> are they hysterical for shutting down british airways and air france. >> i think it is hysterical. >> are you hysterical. >> no, i'm not hysterical. i look at remember the turn of the last century when folks wanted to come into this country legally and
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ellis island they were quarantined anybody who had t.b.or serious illness quarantined. we treated them and once they were well they were let into the country. there is nothing wrong with doing that when you are dealing with a virus this exotic and this deadly. there is no cure. the united states -- look, we can't control are our border. that's a related issue to this. but what we can control to the extent we can, is the people coming in from west africa, shutting down the flights coming in as you mentioned, also the passports, the visas, anything. >> secondary concern to me. the way to handle this is immigration does not accept anyone or let anyone enter the united states, who is holding a west african passport from the four nations involved. >> temporarily freezing rain structure set up here. we get our medical people versed where we are going to treat people this and that powers, let's get specific hysterical is a word you throw around. if i said you were hysterical every feminist would jump up and down.
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>> i think you are creating hysterical. i don't think you are being hysterical. >> that's much better. why don't you want to know why=ñ mr. muck mukpo got this disease? >> i agree with that i think there is a lot of criticism to go around certainly for the way it's been handled over here. >> he hasn't done his job >> he hasn't done his job andd >> i wouldn't fire him. >> what would it take to fire him? >> can we get back to the plane thing? how are you going to stop people -- i mean, the way that the country was not flying from west africa. sosaying anybody has been in west africa can't come into the country. >> anybody who can't hold a visa or passport from west africa can't get. in this guy died. they asked him with the ebola profile lied. the family is suing the hospital even though he lied. is it legal is going to deal with that there is all kinds
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of overtureption -- if i can shp &c@ passport entry for a while that all the healthcare workers know what they are doing then i'm going to do it? >> this is a medical crisis as well as a national security crisis. the president's job is two fold. one protect and defend the constitution, two protect and defend the american people. >> the folks? >> that's right. so i agree with you on dr. tom frieden of the cdc he should go. also the head of the nih, national institutes of health dr. francis collin nowhere to be found. we haven't heard a word from him. look, you have a government now, this is why the american people are so upset about this. kirsten and a bill, because you have a collapse of
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confidence, credibility and confidence in the federal government to do anything. so now what the potential of an exotic and deadly virus in our own shores being transmitted, we don't know exactly how in some cases. you have no confidence on the part of the american people to give federal government can handle this or that we are getting the truth in an accurate and timely way. >> i don't understand how this is a national security threat first and foremost. we are not being attacked by ebola. >> we have our military -- our military has been sent without training into west africa so they are not properly equipped either. >> nobody is is attacking the country with ebola. and i don't know -- you know, i can't keep straight, like i thought the government was completely incompetent but now francis collins was supposed to solve the ebola crisis when sitting in washington? it's not -- i think this is completely overreaction. this is a difficult situation the way you guys are calling for people to be fired for something that they have no real control over. >> i have got to sign of off. it's not an overreaction to
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the nurse in dallas. thank you very much. >> that is a tragedy. >> directly ahead, what does meghan mccain think about her father senator john mccain wanting to put american troops on the ground to fight isis? ms. mccain will be here. and then stossel says the constitution of the united states is being abused. he has three examples for us upcoming.
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personality story segment tonight, perhaps the biggest hawk in the senate he wants american troops to confront the isis terrorists. >> they are winning and we are not. and the iraqis are not winning, the person mergenthaler go, the kurds are not winning. there is a lot of aspects to this. there has to be a fundamental reevaluation of what we're doing because we
5:22 pm
are not -- we are not degraghtd grading and ultimately destroying isis. >> with us now senator mccain's daughter megan co-host of a brand new program called take part live pivot cable network. so, do you agree with your father? >> this may surprise you but i completely agree with my father. everything and senator graham said what happened in the middle east when we left iraq has happened. i'm absolutely petrified about what's happened in the middle east right now. >> in the past you have not always agreed with your father, particularly on social issues, and now we have your generation you are under 40, right? >> yeah i'm about to turn 30. >> so there you go. who really don't want,according to the polls, american soldiers to be injected once again into the middle east to fight terrorism. but you are departed military see what's going on right now and isis is
5:23 pm
continue to grow, there is no other option. it's not like i want america to go to are war. i think we must deal with that. >> again, the majority of people in your generation say no. >> i think the tide is turning right now. >> do you really. >> i do. when americans see soldiers being beheaded. i think it's t. may help with republicans in the midterm elections. >> i don't have any confidence that younger americans have the mettle to do what is necessary to defeat isis because you are going to lose a lot of americans. we lost in blood and treasure in afghanistan and iraq. most americans say i don't want to do that again. and i understand that. absolutely understand it your father is old school. all right? you are new school. okay? you kind of merged on this issue and it's going to be interesting. i don't think 30 and under pay attention anymore. we are all addicted to stupid machines. >> stupid machines is what my showu)áñ is on i'm hosting a
5:24 pm
a show for the young people and trying to preach the gospel in the city of satan in los angeles. i do have a lot of faith and hope and every time i come on this show, you have no hope in my generation. >> it's not that i don't have any hope, it's just that i see what's happening before my own eyes think addicted to these machines, texting, games, other things some of them are harmful. you know that? >> yeah. but i get updates about your show on my machines and on my twitter. >> some of it is good. if you are addicted to it, if that's your whole life staring i. at a screen, little kids won't go out and play football baseball and basketball anymore. you know. because they can have just as much fun staring at that screen. i think that takes people's attention away from ebola and isis. >> i don't think so. we talk about ebola and isis on my show every night. we interview a lot of interesting people. a lot of veterans on my show and young millennials out there not showing a lot in the mainstream media. >> i hope you are right.
5:25 pm
i really do. >> the new network is pivot, right? and if you can't get it on your cable, get it on the internet, right? >> >> all right, megan, wish you the best. >> thank you. >> why won't president obama tell us how much all his fundraising trips are costing the taxpayer? is it legal on that. and krauthammer on more national security confusion. ambassador susan rice involved again. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. sheila! you see this ball control?
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od. helping the world keep promises. recently our pal john dressed up as founding father in order to say. this. him when he was a young man. what does he know? >> like one of the members of paul revere and the raiders rock group. that was a stunt. that was all it was. here is now stossel on lone from -- on loan from our sister network the fox business channel. >> i like some separation from you. >> yeah. anyway. what's the point of you dressing up looking like, you know, some guy just at ae-# debtor's prison. >> the point is this country works because of what they put in here. thomas jefferson saying we the people. the powers rest with the people. and we should be weary of
5:30 pm
giving government too much power. and for 200 years that built the most prosperous country in the world. now they say hey, this doesn't matter.n anymore. we can do. >> who is they? who says that? >> congress and presidents we can do whatever we want. >> we have got three examples of where stossel believes the constitution is being abused. number one. >> just three? give me time for. what gives them the right to pass marijuana laws? they at least pass the constitutional amendment to ban alcohol. what gives them the right to ignore the second amendment? i tried to get a conceal -- just a carry gun permit in new york city. two months -- no. 8 months later i was told no, you have to have a special needs for it. >> let's take it one by one. marijuana laws, drug laws in general, that's a public safety issue. >> it's up to the states then. there is nothing in here that says the feds can ban a substance. >> okay. but transporting across state lines, what drug traffic something all about. >>sq)q okay. so i destroyed that
5:31 pm
argument. now, the gun, the gun thing i'm interested in. so you, a famous guy, semi famous, kind of sort of maybe famous, all right. could get threats. all right? >> get threats sometimes. >> mostly from me. but, other people, too. and you would like a conceal permit to carry? >> so i spent 400 bucks, fill out all the forms. i she them the threat. second amendment. >> john stossel web page and all of that. they say no, you haven't proved a special need because you didn't report these threats to the police. >> okay. >> so they were looking for a way to deny you the gun. >> it was bloomberg liberal new york. >> but if you move to west virginia it's a state by state which is what you say you want. >> that's true. it's at least on state by state are awaying the constitution on that. >> and the gun deal. >> congress is supposed to declare war. james madison said no part of the constitution is more
5:32 pm
wisdom than the claws that confides the question of war to the legislature. >> what about conflict as opposed to war? see, we are not fighting a nation with the terrorism deal. we are fighting groups of fanatics, all right? so it's an anti-like kerry said anti-terror campaign rather than a full-fledged war against north north korea. if you bomb people you are going to war against them. if it's a good idea congress ought to approve it. >> i agree with that by the way because i have called for declaration of war on terrorism, islamic terrorism in general. you support that? >> right. the executive just can't do whatever he wants. >> so if stossel and i can agree on, this the pinheads in congress should be able to agree. put it up for a vote vote on a declaration of war against islamic terrorism. all right. >> that's the job of congress. then you would support that vote and i would support the vote and it doesn't matter
5:33 pm
how it turns out. we both say what we -- jesper, but the fact that the american people should have their representativesehqi-m accountable for that vote is what the constitution is all about. >> absolutely. the. >> you had had america's approval. >> we don't need that there is stossel, everybody, i will give you a dollars if you dress up in that little outfit and go down to greenwich village. >> i need more money. >> more money is what i figured he would say. can you see stossel's fox business network program on thursday nights on our sisterrd network. we come right back is, it legal on president obama's refusing to say how much it's costing the taxpayer for him to go on all these fundraising trips? also the family of the liberian who died from ebola may belegal is next.
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. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight three very hot topics including president obama refusing to tell us how much moneyv is being spent on his fundraising efforts for the democratic party, that's tax dollars. the family of thomas duncan the liberian national who lied to enter this country only to die of ebola may( a dallas hospital. >> no explanation at on why
5:38 pm
they sent hem home -- him home with 103-degree temperature. if you went to the hospital right now and your temperature was 103 degrees. no doctor will send you home. >> here now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. wiehl, there is no doubt that the hospital screwed up send ising this guy home. >> right. >> that's beyond a reasonable doubt, the hospital made a mistake and that mistake led to possibly mr. duncan dying and the poor nurse who i feel so sorry for, now being infected. >> right. >> so is the hospital libel? >> no, it's not. in texas they make it really hard to sue a hospital for medical malpractice. you have to show gross negligence. not just negligence. he walked in there, he they knew he had ebola. they gave him tylenol. >> he didn't know. >> i know. but that's what you would have to show. conservative state and they don't like all these frivolous lawsuits. >> no, they don't. >> they make it very very hard for medical malpractice lawsuits to exist.
5:39 pm
you have to show almost malice. >> you do. >> gross incompetence, not hey, you have got a fever. >> right. >> because the real reason let's be honest here they didn't want to treat this man because number one he wasn't an greats citizen and he didn't have health insurance. they didn't want to kick him. that's what hospitals do. >> you don't want to believe that but nevertheless. >> that's true. i have got to tell the truth on this program. both of say that this lawsuit doesn't stand much of a chance -- >> -- because of the law. >> because it's in texas. if it were in california. >> much better. >> the hospital has even said -- >> -- very strict against these type of plaintiff lawsuits in texas. you have to show willful and wanton like disregard. >> i favor that. >> also could bring a federal civil rights case, his family could. that's going to fail. >> mark is a cbs radio correspondent, excellent correspondent by the way. i have known him for a long time. noler wants to know how much taxpayer money president obama is spending on his unbelievable trips around
5:40 pm
the country to raise money for the democratic party. yet, gill foreign oil the white house says it's not going to tell us. >> they would have to be compelled to do so by the if of ao-v foia request, freedom of information act. >> i'm sure filed that. >> we have checked into it so far we is in the been able to receive word that he has made that formal request. >> i want you to file. >> it you are making a great point. >> i want you guys to file it. >> just today. >> ed henry could file it when are we going to hearn8 about this? a million dollars spending on fundraising. $10 million. >> way more than that. >> texans have a right to know. >> not going to tell you what reason do they give? >> they don't have any legally viable exemption on which they can stand. so they have to give out information. >> blank you. we're not telling you and now they are waiting on someone to file a freedom of information act. >> it's not happening before the midterm elections let's be honest. >> there is no time frame on it.
5:41 pm
>> it's got to be hundreds of millions of dollars in the past six years. remember he has to fly on air force one. you know how much that costs an hour. $200,000 an hour and then all the scheet service. it's all the local expenses and all that. >> keep in mind by the time they get back to him about the information there is no specific time requirement in which they need to respond once a foiaaáí request is filed. >> he will be on the lecture tour by the time they get back. it may inhibit others from doing it and besmirch the democratic party because they are benefiting from the taxpayer dollars. >> it is illegal to have taxpayers to pay fundraising trips. official trips obviously. >> the white house getsí] around that by doing bismols wherever they go. >> country we have a vested interest in making sure our president is secure and safe and properly. >> can't deny that. >> out of control. leaves base, captured by the
5:42 pm
taliban, five more criminals by presidentá> even you, wiehl? even you when you call they won't even tell you. >> they won't tell me. i mean me. >> she even. >> i'm so sweet. >> factor here. >> they won't tell me. >> the reason they won't tell you is what? >> we have a process in place. >> process? >> we have a review process in place. we can't tell you how long it's going to take. >> can't tell you. don't know. >> general might have more questions to follow up on. >> follow-ups. >> this investigation was pretty much done except for speaking to mr. berg doll himself. >> before it. >> right. this was done back in june. >> 2008. >> can we safely assume the army is playing politics because they don't want it out before the midterm election. can we assume that?
5:43 pm
>> bingo, you win again. >> i always win the two ladies who are the experts say the army is playing politics which the army is not supposed to do. all right, ladies, thank you very much. get that foia up and running. krauthammer is on deck. once again national security advisor susan rice misleading the public. charles moments away. i'm not afraid. i can face my 3rd grade class trip. tying shoes, fixing pigtails. new tena instadry. 864 tiny funnels zip wetness away. that's fearless protection poise maximum can't match. with tena, i'm not afraid. and you won't be either. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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back of the book somethingment tonight, another embarrassing moment for susan rice, one of olational security people. you remember it miss rice to told the world the benghazi/o! assassination of christopher stevens in libya was caused by a videotape. that was false. now, she is saying that the turkish government has
5:47 pm
committed to help fight isis. in the last several days made a commitment that they will in the first instance allow the united states and our partners to use turkish bases and territories. that's a new commitment and one that we very much welcome. >> one problem, that's not true. the turks say no deal hasqfhv @@ been maded. this is unbelievable that she could say that and deny hurricane canny denies denies -- turkey denies it obama is simply not serious about this war. why would you join a war where the leader of the coalition is not serious? >> all right. joining us now from washington, charles krauthammer. so, it really is unbelievable that's the word you used that ambassador rice would once again go out on national television and say something that's not true. it can't be that they have a little meeting and say what lie are we going to tell today? they can't be doing that so what do you think it is? >> look, i have a little
5:48 pm
advice for ambassador rice. she could be the best advisor obama ever had. she could be an international strategist of04 kissingerian proportions. she shouldn't go on television. it doesn't work. it's totally inexplicable that the national security advisor whose job it is to be the conduit of all information coming various foreign policy agencies, the one to coordinate and consolidate all of that should go out on television and announce to the world this very crucial agreement and within hours have the turks say it's ník÷ true. it's not just that it's not true. it's also that now we have a dispute with the turks over what she said rather than negotiating details of some negotiation between us. truly inexplicable. i think you are right it couldn't be the lib brat
5:49 pm
lie. it's not going to help negotiations, it's not going to bully the turks into saying yes. it obviously is a mistake. but it is a monday4÷ mental one and that it should happen in the middle of a war at this high of level is truly remarkable. >> it all goes back to what we have discussed in the past there is a a lack of leadership. there is not anyone in charge. i don't believe president obama is in charge of the isis conflict. i believe he farms it out to other people. he obviously doesn't have the stomach for it all right? so there is like five or six people running around oh being look at this, look what we have got. look what happened today, we blew up a truck. there is no central force. there is no organizational capacity to get any message out about any thing. you can go down the list about major issues. look at ebola this guy coming out and one day he says one thing and the next day he says the other thing. we still don't know how mukpo got it in omaha.
5:50 pm
there isn't any leadership. that's what it is. >> regarding iraq, this is not new. the most crucial decision obama made on iraq, the full withdraw of the end of 2011 on the eve of the -- his re-election, that he wasm-2011 re-election. that he was relatively uninvolved. bush, for all of his faults, was very deeply involved, particularly at the time of the surge in making the decision and going ahead with it. when it came to withdraw from oba farmed it out. this was a decision that had to be done at a presidential level. it had to have been a head of state in iraq negotiating with the head of state here. that's not how it was done, and in the end it fell apart. >> right. look, i'm president and i say to the iraqi president that's given us a hard time, maliki, about keeping troops there. you know what, prime minister maliki, with all due respect,
5:51 pm
we're going to keep 10,000 troops there. and if you prosecute one of them, all 5'nçright, we'll have we will have a problem that you will not survive. i would th4&x( him directly and tell him you don't touch one of our guys. we're keeping 10,000 there. that's how you lead. >> bill, that's okay, but it was unnecessary. every major faction in iraq wanted the u.s. to stay. >> except maliki. >> no, maliki did. he absolutely did. we insisted that he had to go to parliament. and he said leave the procedures to us. i'm not going to go to parliament. >> the iranians didn't want us there and maliki was listening to them. >> maliki knew that in the end he would depend on the u.s. he knew what was coming. when obama came back, the number that the military advised was 20,000. obama proposed 3,000. this is a joke. that is less than anything required even to protect themselves. >> that's right.
5:52 pm
put them in harm's way. >> if the americans were not going to be serious, he was not going toxz"+k -- >> no doubt that the president could have gotten it done if he wanted to. now, all americans i think understand the lack of leadership coming out of the white house, and that's why the president's poll numbers are below 40% in job approval. in the african-american community they're at 81%. 81% of american blacks support and approve the president's job performance. my question is a simple one because as you know, i'm a simple man. is that totally based on race? >> it's probably a couple of things. one is obviously they perceive the president, they perceive the presidency differently from the way you do. but second, i don't -- you know it sounds pej or attive to say only race. it is ethnic solidarity. roman catholics supported john kennedy. mormons were heavily supporting mitt romney.
5:53 pm
if we had a gay president, if we had a jewish president, if we had a hispanic candidate running for office, you would find a among african-americans, it's all the more understandable. here's a community who for hundreds of years were oppressed, in your lifetime and mine, they were illegally discriminated against by the state, then they were essentially emancipated a second time in the '60s. but in our lifetime, we have african-americans whose parents were segregated and really treated badly. they now point to their children and say, look at what we have achieved, look at the man in the white house as a form ofji$w aspiration and a form of pride. do. i'm not at all surprised by the high level of support. i'm surprised that you're surprised. >> i'm not surprised. i just want to know the reason. and i think you articulated it very well. >> i tried to make it as simple
5:54 pm
as i could. >> because i am a simple man. back with tip of v the day abo megyn kelly's program tonight. the tip moments away. i'm over the hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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you've been aúh fountain of comn sense. rosemar graham, you are borderline psychotic and rude. you should be on medication. looks like medical marijuana will soon come to new york state, rosemary. let me know if you see a difference, okay? once that happens. "sometimes, bill, you have to blow your stack. you did it, made a huge impression. it shows you have a passion for the truth." ron with holding his last name, minnesota. "the only explanation for obama notceceling visas from west africa is he wants us infected." all credibility flies out the whippedo when you say thins like that, rick, come on. "my father is a vietnam vet with a bronze star and a purple heart. he loves to play golf. you, bill, wear makeup and talk for a living." i don't wear make jum all the time, nick. and my golf is for sissies comment was obviously a jest. say hi to your dad for me. "mr. o., that comment made me
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laugh very hard." dan dean hancox. "i'm offended about your derogatory comments about golf." i know you were just exercising your rapier-like wit at the expense of the game i love. did you know that the pga tour has raised more for charity than the other four major sports combined?" . i did not know that, mike, thank you forym telling me. "i am 96 years old and serve with the fourth armored divisioñ in world war ii which you mention often in killing patton. when he died, we all thought he had been murdered. i am amazed at the information you have in your book, mr. o'reilly." well, i appreciate you reading it, mr. loomis. you are a patriot. you and all the other world war ii vets still alive, i salute you. the tip of the day, the head of the cdc speaking to megyn kelly in just a few moments.
5:59 pm
as you may know i've called for dr. tom frieden to resign because i do not believe he's been candid with the american people over ebola. i believe he's a spinner. it's obvious he's running from the factor. but we are happy the doctor's going to talk with ms. megyn. everybody should watch and please health me know what you think of the doctor's performance. i know megyn's going to hammer him. not in a bad way like ame. in a nice way. factor tip of the day, check out the kelly file. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different than bill o' also we'd like you to spout out about the factor anywhere in the world. o' name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be sophistic. am i saying it right? i think i am. sophistry, sophistic.
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word of the day. whoa. what happened here? my the spin stops here came apart, but right back together. thank you for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight as the centers for disease control lays out a new battle plan for stopping the spread of ebola in the united states, critics are asking whether the man running the cdc can be trusted with this life and death fight. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. a couple of hours ago dr. thomas frieden of the cdc held a news conference outlining new steps to prevent the further spread of the deadly ebola virus, introducing new rapid response teams here and promising to get necessary training to medical workers after a nurse became the latest to be infected. >> now, i've


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